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in different parts of the united states this morning. one was at the university of texas in austin. authorities evacuated campus buildings after a call from someone claiming to be from al qaeda said bombs would go off in 90 minutes. the deadline passed and authorities cleared all of the buildings. a threat was also phoned in at north dakota state university where 20,000 people were evacuated. no bombs were found there either. >>> santa cruz police are asking for help finding a 70- year-old woman who disappeared last month possibly while driving to see her 90-year-old mother in san diego. >> the family says deanna approx would have been driving her 2003 bp cruiser -- -- brooks would have been driving her 2003 bp cruiser and the family has searched five counties. no trace of her. >>> there is word that homeless people are returning to encampments. one was at an underpass on kurtner avenue. law enforcement and other crews spent the summer cleaning out those encampments. >>> hayward police say a drunk driver is to blame for a car crash that knocked down a utility pole causing a power outage. it hap
to become president of the united states. [ cheers ] >> but in america it can happen because of education. >> the president also said he's worked with republicans in congress to cut a trillion dollars in spending and that he's ready accomplish more with then. recent polls show the president with a 5-point lead in colorado over mitt romney. >> if we just have a government that recognizes that by lifting individuals and celebrating success in america, we're gonna have more of it, then you are gonna see this economy come roaring back. >> obama's challenger spoke to a crowd of supporters. he touted his decades of experience in the private sector as a foundation to reviving the u.s. economy. >>> two bay area regions came in at the top. rippers at the -- researchers at the university of california graded ten regents. the south bay came in first, the east bay second, san francisco was sixth, mostly because of the high lost of living. >>> new york city's board of health this morning approved michael bloomberg's ban on super-sized soft drinks. the view aimed at fighting obesity and limits sugar-fi
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2